Belize Question and Answer

Belize Question and Answer2019-01-20T08:35:11-06:00
Why are flights to Belize so high, and how can we find cheaper flights?2019-01-13T09:05:09-06:00

Air service is somewhat limited and is mostly from a few hubs in the United States. To find the most affordable flights, stay flexible on your dates, avoid peak holiday travel (around Christmas and Easter), and sign up for Internet specials and e-mail fare alerts on the airlines flying to Phillip Goldson International Airport (BZE). Currently United, American, US Airways, Southwest Airlines, Aero Mexico, Air Canada, Sun Country Airlines, West Jet and TACA. Another option is to fly into Cancun, which usually has good air deals, and take the ADO bus to Belize.

What happens if our flight is delay?2019-01-13T06:54:34-06:00

No one is left behind! That means that we stay at the International Airport till your lane landed, waiting for your relieved expression on your face, seeing our yellow team shirts and your names on the sign.

Giving Tips or Gratuity?2019-01-13T07:25:49-06:00

Either Tips or Gratuity appreciated. If you as our client are happy or even impressed by how our driver taking care of your travel needs then of course feel free to reward him for it. Do know that in this team the tips are for the driver, the company doesn’t expect or demand any of tips or gratuity as in contrast with some out there. The driver deserved it. he will keep it.

We don’t add gratuity in our fares, that would be assumption by us that you will have to even if we didn’t deliver our service as expected.

We will be expanding on our question and answer as the year goes on..