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There are many reviews about San Ignacio that you can read from many people that have been here before you or maybe even moved down here.

For William this town has become the destination that he will always look forward to come back even after already being on the road for the whole day, could stay somewhere else for the night, but just can’t wait to make it back home and relax.

San Ignacio Town - Belize Shuttle

It’s just nicely located inside the Maya mountains about 400 feet above sea level in the Mopan Valleys all around the Macal and the Mopan rivers, lush green all year around and with people so friendly that you wonder what’s wrong back home at times. You’ll feel it when you’re here and you can tell me if I was wrong on the way back.

Some of the pics attached to give you a slight impression of the area…’s like West Virginia with plam trees.

Transportation to and from San Ignacio Town

From San Ignacio William is able to transfer you to and from many other destination in the country, his Belize Shuttle offer pick up or drop at your place of stay, after you have booked your shuttle transfer.





William’s Belize Shuttle must request destinations.

  • San Ignacio shuttle transfer to/from Belize City: Water Taxi, International Airport, Ado Bus Terminal.
  • San Ignacio Shuttle transfer to/from: Placencia Village, Hopkins Village, Dangriga Town.

They are many way for you to travel to San Ignacio Town, however I recommend taking a shuttle as it can be arrange to suite your travel time and go on a tour while being transferred.

Bus to San Ignacio and Belize

Buses to San Ignacio Town

Buses are the public transportation are a must likely to be over crowed, which also make stops at every village it pass along the way. The buses are cheaper alternative to shuttle and run every half hour from downtown San Ignacio.

flight to san Ignacio

Flights To San Ignacio Town

Flights to and from San Ignacio is limit to just one flight from Belize City and San Pedro to the airstrip about 15 minutes’ drive from San Ignacio, known as Mayan Flats Airstrip.

Look for a place to stay in San Ignacio

Cocopele Inn San Ignacio

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