Belize Shuttle Drivers

All the drivers that I have been able to call upon for my Belize Shuttle Service, have proven over time to be some of the best and passionate in the business, with an unmatched dedication to provide a great and safe shuttle ride for you and have proven to be loyal great friends…for sure characters that know how to drive all over Belize…

All Belize Shuttle Drivers are living here in San Ignacio and know each other for many years, some of them are close friends or even relatives to each other and you’ll experience how passionate they are about the transportation business and Belize.

Belize Shuttle Drivers are all on standby and depending on their availability will be your drivers, so it could be one on the way to the hotel and another on the way back, but will all you will be in good hands.

william belize shuttle driver


Owner, Manager, And Driver Of Belize Shuttle By William

Father of 2, with 2 decades of experience in the tourism industry and on the roads of Belize, ready to be there for you for your special time in Belize. Apart of my history has been described into the ex-pat column, but since then many more years have gone by and I have now been here for more than 20 years as a Dutch Nationality, you can say the roots have been planted and the tree has grown to size, not to be moved no more…


Lucy Martinez

Driver And Your Helper For The Trip

Lucy was a devoted Mother, Manager of Cocopelle Inn and  Driver for William Shuttle when needed.  Lucy is your go-to person if you a planning a visit to San Ignacio/Santa Elena. She has great insight into things to do in the district as well as the entire country of Belize.


Belize Shuttle Driver And Your Helper For The Trips

Husband and father of 2 and grandfather. Have been in the tourism industry for more than 19 years, creating memorable experiences for you, our guests. Driving for the last 30 + years. Wide range of knowledge of Belize, our jewel.


Ted is an outstanding individual, we are lucky for him to be a part of our amazing team of drivers. Ted has spent most of his year in tourism, servicing in many capacities and is now a driver. 

Besides being a wonderful father, he enjoys sharing Belize with the many passengers fortunate to drive with him.


Belize Shuttle Driver And Your Helper For The Trips

Husband and father who have been in the tourism industry for many years,Wide range of knowledge of Belize.

Elwin Chan


Belize Shuttle Driver And Your Helper For The Trips


Where Are You Going Today!

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Our Goal

As Belize shuttle team, our goal is to take away your fear of how to get from point A to B in a country that is totally new to you but is our home, in a way that makes you remember our service as being part of your special vacation time.

Providing the shuttle transfer with some of the best and most dedicated, experienced drivers in the field with a combined 100-year knowledge in tourism and/or driving, that are passionate about what they do and are happy to share our country and history with you.