William’s Belize Shuttle Service

This is official website for William’s Belize Shuttle Service. Due to the extreme effort of many wonderful travelers that have used William Shuttle service, and loved it, wrote reviews on Trip Advisor and many other travel forums, Because of this Williams Shuttle Services is the must trusted name in the private transfers in San Ignacio Town, Belize

Pick-up and drop-off to Belize City Municipal airport, Water taxi and the Belize International Airport are quit a regular shuttle drive for William, from San Ignacio Town and other place in the western part of beautiful Belize.

Hotel and Resort Drop-off and Pick-up is also available!

Why Choose William’s Belize Shuttle Service:

The shuttle services can be up 50% less than a round trip flight. The more people in a group doing a transfer and or the longer the distance for the transfer great discount is also offered. Apart from being the must recommend shuttle services, safety is a priority.

William shuttle van

Personal Thank you from William:

“Thank you for taking your time to go thru all this and many thanks for the trust that you might be about to give me in taking care of a part of your precious vacation. A certain guarantee I can give you already, with me or without me you will have a great time in Belize, many travelers before you have that confessed to me over and over again.”

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