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Belize Shuttles and Transfers

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This is the official website for Belize Shuttles and Transfers by William.

Due to the extreme effort of many wonderful travelers that used Belize Shuttle services and loved it, countless reviews were added to TripAdvisor, Google Maps and many others travel forums, Williams Shuttle Services is the most trusted name in private and or shared ground transportation in Belize - based in San Ignacio Town.

Our Motto: "Your Vacation, Your Timing"


William's Belize Shuttles and Transfers offers high-quality service at incredibly low prices and making an impact on sustainable tourism! Whether you’re traveling for leisure or on a budget, Belize Shuttle by William provides excellent transportation, while taking care of all the logistics.

Take advantage of their group rates for transfers throughout Belize. Book today and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to your Belize Destination!

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Our transportation service offers "No Waiting Time" and "The Most Legroom and comfort in rides".

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Why book a Private or Shared Shuttle Transfers?

The shuttle service can be up to 50% less than a round-trip flight. The more people (as a family or as a group booking), the longer the distance, the more we can help you save money in your travel budget compared to flying. Apart from being the most recommended shuttle service, we are also all in for sustainable tourism, safety, and comfort.

Book one-way or round trip to locations in Belize City such as the Belize International Airport (PGIA), Water taxi and The Municipal airport are regular shuttle runs for Belize Shuttle. Most transfers depart from San Ignacio Town or other places in western Belize.

Belize Shuttles and Transfers
Belize Intl Airport

International Airport (BZE) Shuttle

The International Airport is one of our most requested pick-up or drop-off location. Many passengers simply look for the guys in the yellow shirt (Your Drivers)

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Shuttle to Towns & Villages

Looking for a reliable and comfortable shuttle service to transfer you to and from San Ignacio, or to Belize coastal areas such as Placencia or Hopkins?

Belize AirBnB

Hotels and AirBnBs Shuttle

My Belize Shuttles and Transfers drivers can certainly transfer one-way or round trip to many of the hotels, resorts and AirBnb in Belize.

Great Accommodation Starting at $39.50USD per night

Cocopele Inn is only 10 minutes walk from Burns Ave, San Ignacio.

san ignacio belize
san ignacio belize

YES! Cocopele Inn is only 10 minutes walk away from downtown San Ignacio, the tourist area. This short scenic walk takes you across the Hawksworth Bridge spanning the Macal River and directly to the heart of San Ignacio Town. Enjoy an easy access to banks & ATMs, Restaurants, shopping center, local farmers market and other attractions. Located on the same property as the Inn are 2 local restaurants. The Inn is perfect for students, expats or anyone looking for a taste of local food.

For more info visit: www.cocopeleinn.com

Personal Thank you from William: - Belize Shuttles and Transfers

"Thank you for taking your time to go thru all this and many thanks for the trust that you might be about to give me in taking care of a part of your precious vacation. A certain guarantee I can give you already, with me or without me you will have a great time in Belize, many travelers before you have that confessed to me over and over again."