Is Belize safe to visit?

Map of belize city to san Ignacio

Is Belize safe to visit? One Way to Travel Safely on the highway of Belize. William’s Belize Shuttle Service is probably the safest way and most comfortable way to travel in Belize 2019 – 2021. Our vans are well maintained and or driver professional, responsible people that will deliver you to the destination and make […]

Is There Uber Or Lyft In Belize?

Belize Shuttle Reviews

Is there Lyft or Uber in Belize There is a couple of ride sharing services in Belize City or Belmopan City known as Dalla (read Dollar) Vans, since there is no Uber in Belize. They all have a set route(s) that locals know very well.  Their good to get you from the center of town […]

Getting through Customs and Immigration in Belize

Belize International Airport bze

Getting through Belize Customs and Immigration Many people traveling to Belize have a fun and exciting time. After all, there is only one International Airport. Why fun you may ask. For starters, clearing the Customs and Immigration area after deplane can take between 20 minutes to an hour (1hr). Immigration Be sure to have all […]