Is there Lyft or Uber in Belize

Uber alternative in Belize

There is a couple of ride sharing services in Belize City or Belmopan City known as Dalla (read Dollar) Vans, since there is no Uber in Belize. They all have a set route(s) that locals know very well. 

Their good to get you from the center of town to the outskirts of town. With the lack of Left or Uber, a taxi would be your best options for a ride at the major airports.

Ride Share Info

The Best option to Uber or Left

Taxies are still your best option to Uber in Belize when you are travelling with-in the City, Towns, or Villages as well as most hotels and resorts. Do expect at times to drive in “Frankenstein Taxis”, looking like a car was build or maintained by using parts of 3 other ones of a different colour, cheap but at times a little tempting to drive in. 

On Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, your uber would be a golf cart. Ride-Sharing at Belize International Airport is possible if you book a shared shuttle in advanced or inform the taxi driver that you would like to share the ride with someone else.

Other alternatives to Uber or Lyft

The best alternative to Uber or Lyft for long distances in Belize is the transportation service offered by Belize Shuttle by William. With Williams Shuttle service, it’s your vacation on your timing. Tailored to your needs, we don’t go by regular schedule but by the client’s wishes in timing and destinations with possible stops build-in.

William and other shuttle companies such as Belize Ground shuttle, San Ignacio shuttles or Ron’s Belize Private Shuttle Service, all offer a shuttle from Belize water taxi to San Ignacio Town. Of course, a rental car is available in almost every destination you’re going to. Belize City municipal airport and the Phillip S.W Goldson International Airport are about the only place you will find car rental service on-site.

Booking Option

None of the options can be compared to ease of booking Uber or Lyft, where you can plug in your location and destination via an app. Instead of an app to arrange a ride, simply fill out the contact form with your pick-up and drop-off information. Payment for your ride is paid to the driver when the ride is over, others may have online options to pay online.

Finding Driver Reviews

So, you can see the reviews of your Uber driver. Belize Shuttle by William Drivers reviews and other shared and private shuttle providers can be found on Tripadvisor and many other chats, blog sites, also the one that you probably used to find “how to get from Belize city/airport to San Ignacio, or How to get around in Belize?”.

For William shuttle, Many of the drivers are mentioned by name in the many lengthy reviews that convinced you to give us the chance to be there for you. William’s drivers are often requested for the return trip as well as soon as the one-way client liked the service so good that the return was a done deal also.

What's the rate like?

We do have a price table for you, just some great information to help navigate an uber less destination, lol.

Much like Uber and Lyft, Taxi’s are independently owned but belong to a cooperation that estimates the price or fare. So you would find stander pricing when it comes to catching a cab.

Companies offering private or shared transport, which is best for long-distance travelling, do their own calculation of the fare. A vary base on your destination. Belize City to San Ignacio is about $95USD per person, while a transfer to Placencia or Hopkins Village from the International Airport is about $225USD.

The Dolla (Dollar vans), well! if your feeling adventures and know where you are going, hope on one the fare would be about 1 to 3 bucks, depending on the distance. Passengers are expected to know exactly where they need to get off. These vans do not travel out there operating area.

All together Belize has many ride-sharing and transportation options to cover to lack of an Uber or Lyft service. From simply booking a taxi to arrange a shared or private shuttle for long-distance travelling. We hope you find this information helpful.

Belize has opened the International Airport for tourist to visit the country land borders remains closed. For Belize Covid Registration app and state of emergency and other related questions see our covid page.

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