Renting a Car in Belize

Renting a Car in Belize

Getting Around in Belize by way of car rentals certainly adds some freedom to your vacation in the country. Most can rental companies are located in Belize City and have a branch at the Phillip S.W Goldson International Airport PGIA (BZE on your flight ticket).

You won’t find any Uber or Lyft at the Airport. However, they are taxis standing by for anyone who needs a short distance transfer from the Airport to Belize City Water Taxi. A great alternative to renting a car is to book a private or shared shuttle transfer.

If you are going to Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker you won’t find any cars there to rent. Instead, you will find bikes and golf carts.

The essential needed to rent a car

Some car rental companies may have a minimum age for renting a vehicle.

  • Valid driver’s license (international is accepted)
  • Valid passport – ID accepted in the country
  • Security deposit
  • Valid credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover)
  • Rental companies minimum age varies for Auto rentals

About Renting a Car in Belize

List of Car Rentals at International Airport near Belize City

Immediately after exiting the Belize International Airport, you will be facing the airport main parking lot. Just behind the cars, you will Auto rental building. There you will see the big rental companies as well as local ones, each office can be identified by their sign over the entrance.

Our shortlist of companies that provide Car Rentals at Belize International Airport.

car rental services at belize international airport

Be safe while driving your rental on the Highways

Most if not all travellers do drive and rent a car at home too and of course, are pretty confident in their neighbourhood and or states, and all their big highways.
Here. In Belize we only have 4 major highways, all connected pretty much in a straight line from north to south, but as wide as one lane in the USA, with a couple of different ways of driving and rules.

One main safety tip that you may be or not be told about, is that when you see a restaurant or turn off on the other side of the highway, you CANT just stand in the middle of the highway with your indicator on and block our traffic. That would be extremely dangerous and is a traffic violation.

You do have to go off the right off the road on the side and wait till all back and front oncoming traffic has passed and then you go across to your destination or road.

One way of Driving in Belize is to Drive defensive, you will do fine, no worries…

Driving from Belize City / International Airport to the following destination time.


Driving in Belize Tip: Alway drive on the right-hand side of the road and highways.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Belize?

Its cost roughly $70USD to rent a car per day. Many Auto rentals does offer a great discount for rentals for more than two weeks long.
The rental of the car comes with a full tank of gas. Upon returning the vehicle you are to refuel it.

Car Rental Pro's

  1. Ultimate mobility and freedom, stop where you want.
  2. You have transport in the town/city you stay in, you don’t need taxis only on GPS and wifi.
  3. You can go to certain activities/cites/ruins with your own transport.
  4. If you’re a couple then a small car for the week can be cheaper then a transfer service.

Car Rental Con's

  1. The required deposits can be $500/ $100/ $1500 USD depending on the rental company policy.
  2. We don’t have an annual mandatory vehicle inspection, nor a DMV in Belize. (So you will have to assume your vehicle is in a good drive state and or self-inspect your provided vehicle).
  3. If you’re tired of a long day of travelling driving here can be maybe too much?
    You drive, you will be held responsible for your actions while driving in a foreign country.
  4. Belize has more highway milage then street lights and at 6 pm its mostly pitch black, even our experienced drivers go slow and are weary of other drivers with high beams.
  5. “Highways in Belize have speedbumps?”, yes we do… There are 2 in front of a school, at times no sign. (you can feel them at times before you see them, little “ET” moment.)

One alternative to renting a car

Many travellers have used the rental option and have had a great time, no problems, just plain fun.

But when asked during a transfer that’s normally the answers to the questions, on this topic and when the plane was delayed and we are driving with you through the dark, the reaction normally is; “ William we are really glad that we don’t have to drive right now …”
If you decide to rent look on Trip advisor for comments of your fellow travellers of rental car companies, you can trust those ….if you decide to rather sit back and relax and even fall asleep for part of the trip, give us an email or call and we will be there for you …

Your vacation, your timing and above all your comfort ….

Ride with William's Belize Shuttle

William owns one of the largest private transfer fleets in Belize. He and his team of drive continuously raise the bar in providing excellent transfer service.

He one of kind service is more than a transfer and feel like you are driving in a car with a friend. I can think of no better to travel on the roads of Belize, than with someone who knows the country and its people.

Belize Shuttle by William is possibly the best alternative to renting a car and driving yourself. The Drivers are punctual and friendly, the vans or expected and kept clean at all times.

We can assist you in renting a car, arranging a private transfer along with tours and accommodations

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